Making Goat Cheese

Beautifully located in Isola in the Engadin, between Maloja and Sils the Cadurisch farm holds around 80 -100 goats. Mrs Cadurisch and her husband share agricultural backgrounds as well as a lifelong passion about farm animals and small, individual agricultural niche businesses. They took over the already existent farm 23 years ago and together with their daughter and her family have expanded it step by step since then, preserving a long tradition of goat’s cheese production. At this farm the animals’ needs come first and they are truly treated as part of the family.

With 80 - 100 goats of a special breed from the region of Graubünden (Bündner Strahlen Ziege) the Cadurisch farm breeds animals with ideal, robust characteristics for the typical mountain climate and conditions.  Being particularly suitable for a balanced production, most of the goats on the Cadurisch farm are used for cheese; the kids serve breeding and meat purposes. One goat provides around 2 – 6 litres of milk a day and 100 litres of milk make a maximum of 12 kg of cheese.

The cheese production only takes 7 hours in total, including the milking of the goats and the salting at the very end. The season usually starts in February / March, where only a little milk is taken as the kids are born around this time and drink most of it. It ends in October when the goats get ready for reproduction. The resulting cream cheese follows a long tradition and can be eaten straight after production or left to ripen for a while. It is only sold through the Cadurisch farm, some regional shops and delis and delivered to hotels in the Engadin.

Organised tours where visitors are guided through the beautiful premises are additionally offered as well as day- and trekking excursions with the farm’s donkey or horse. Visitors can also book a brunch at the house. 

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#NirasCaptures – Photos by Gian Giovanoli

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